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Where better than the world's biggest Wonder Stuff website than to find a page with loads of Wonder Stuff and related items available for you to purchase?

All items are shipped from the UK and are officially released merchandise either by Room 512 or IRL.

Payment can be made, in most instances, by credit card using the online PayPal system -  you do not need an account in order to make a payment.

Room 512 Records

The first (and probably only) release available exclusively through the Room 512 website is a double CD album of We Know Where You Live material with all profits going to a charity nominated by Martin Gilks' family following his death in April 2006.

The first disc of this exclusive double album set contains nineteen demo tracks recorded by the group including three tracks featuring Bigger Jim Ledbetter following Martin's departure from the group in January 1996. The second disc contains extracts of two live performances recorded at Manchester Roadhouse and Windsor Old Trout respectively.

This release marks the first time that many of these tracks have been publicly available.  Tracks may subsequently have been released/re-recorded by Dolittle and/or Eat.

Please note that this album contains demo and audience-recorded live tracks and thus the recording quality of this album is not your normal off-the-shelf quality.

We Know Where You Live
-- It's Nice To Be Nice (2CD) --
Room 512 Records
Release date - December 2006

Turn Off Shut Down Give Up
Her Majesty's Property
Fight Flee Flow
Drug Type Unknown
Mental Hygiene
Excuse Me?
Me and Libby
Crude Manipulator
Cry Baby Killers
Made Of Water
Tenement Life (A Healthy Look At)
Confessions Of A Thug (unlisted track)
Don't Be Too Honest
Don't Be Too Honest*
Tenement Life (A Healthy Look At)*
Confessions Of A Thug*
Christmas In June*
Mental Hygiene*
Drug Type Unknown**
Crude Manipulator**
Made Of Water**
Excuse Me**

* Recorded Manchester Roadhouse, December 4th 1995

** Recorded Windsor Old Trout, May 27th 1995


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