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L-R: Erica Nockalls, Mark McCarthy, Miles Hunt, Tony Arthy, Dan Donnelly

"THE WONDER STUFF were one of the most exciting and vital bands of the late-80's, early-90's."

Gary Crowley

Twenty-nine years after their original formation, despite a number of line-up changes, THE WONDER STUFF are still performing with the same vigour and determination that they've always had.

With a number of festivals and appearances planned for the Summer of 2015, the group have already announced that they have been writing and recording material for a new album with touring plans to celebrate the group's 30th Anniversary pencilled in for 2016.


In October 2014, The Wonder Stuff's Miles Hunt published the first volume in a series of self-penned ''journals' - The Wonder Stuff Diaries.  Covering the period 1986 to 1989, this would be Miles' own personal account of his memories and experiences in the group.  For more information on Miles' book, or to buy a copy, visit the group's online shop.


Turn the clock back around twenty-one years and it was a very different book which was being written on the group.  Having been a fan of the group for a few years, despite not getting into them into slightly later in their career, I found myself collecting all sorts of titbits of information, snippets and cuttings from magazines and, through friends and fans, all sorts of facts and rumours.  I'd already read Martin Roach's biography of the Stourbridge groups, Pop Will Eat Itself, Ned's Atomic Dustbin and The Wonder Stuff and, to be honest, was left underwhelmed by it.  It didn't tell me enough of what I wanted to know about this group who had already had such an effect on me and seemed to be littered with inaccuracies - it was a journalist's take on the group's history.  For reasons I'm still unclear on, having never thought to attempt anything similar before (or since), I decided I had amassed enough information on the group to write a more comprehensive biography on the group. 

Eventually, the weighty tome was finished...  and then the group split up!  Undaunted, I gave a copy of the A4 photocopies sheets to a few friends who were also fans of the group and also sent copies to Miles Hunt and Malc Treece.  Malc's copy never arrived - I recall ringing him a couple of days later to see if he'd had chance to look at it only to be told that he couldn't really talk as his flat had been broken into the night before but hadn't seen it.  To this day I hope the two incidents were unrelated...

Miles rang me up the following Saturday night.  It was gone midnight, my girlfriend at the time was staying over at my parents house for, I think, the first time.  The upstairs phone was in my parents bedroom and my dad answered the phone and shouted through that there was some bloke on the phone for me.  I spent a good hour or so chatting to Miles about all sorts of stuff, no doubt my then-girlfriend was pretty p*ssed off - we didn't last much longer after that but, again, I'm hoping those two incidents were unrelated!

Miles confessed to me that he didn't feel there would be much of a market for a biography on the group, especially now they'd split up.  However, he thought there could be a place for it on the Internet which, at this time, was still very much in its infancy.  These were the days of dial-up modems, only about 14.4kbps or 28.8kbps at best as well so content was going to be sparse and not earn me any money but at least it would be there for all to read and thus prove not to be a wasted effort.

That was the back-end of 1994 and this website is the latest incarnation of that very book, bought right up-to-date with the most comprehensive biographies, discographies, archives tourdates and other information.  Even now it is genuinely heart-warming to receive comments and feedback from people about the site and its content.  Due to personal commitments, I'm not able to spend as long as I'd like to regularly updating the site but after this most recent update I'll try to do the best I can for it as we go forward.

This site is designed to complement Miles' book(s).  In the past I have always supported the group and they, in turn, have supported and recognised the work done by this website and its messageboard also.  The site is here to offer additional information, not just based upon Miles' own recollections but those of others around them, news, rumours, information and gossip that have surrounded them.  I hope this relationship continues for a long time to come.

Thanks to all of their fans for their continued support and thanks to the individual group members, past and present, for assistance and information offered.

Robert Stokes
June 2015

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