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ROOM 512 is an unofficial website providing news and information to the work of Miles Hunt (solo, as The Miles Hunt Club and also with Erica Nockalls), The Wonder Stuff, Vent 414 and We Know Where You Live.

The first incarnation of the website, officially known as The Wonder Stuff Online but commonly shortened to TWSOnline, was launched in 1998 prior to which the bulk of the content could be found in a rather heavy (but unpublished) printed biography until it was suggested by Milo himself in a late night conversation that maybe the Internet would be a better target audience.

Since then, the site has gone through a number of design changes and even gone offline on a number of occasions when I've been unable to properly devote time to it.  After it's first initial 'gap', the site returned in 2004 following a number of requests from fans of the group.

I'm one of those people who cannot stand coming across a website only to find that the site owner hasn't bothered to keep it up-to-date and the information held on it is largely now incorrect so it pains me to say that over the past 4-5 years, for personal reasons whilst the group have been enjoying something of a renaissance, I have once again fallen into the trap of not devoting enough time to it - although in my defence I am running my own businesses and looking after two children so really the priority of working to bring the pennies in does have an edge over finding time to keep the site regularly maintained.

When The Wonder Stuff reformed in 2000, Miles Hunt said that they had done it "for the fans." Ironically, the same could be said for this site as if I hadn't kept getting requests from people to bring it back online then I probably wouldn't have bothered. Miles has also said on a number of occasions that he feels sorry for every other band because they didn't have fans like those of The Wonder Stuff. I'd wholeheartedly echo those words. The people who visit this site, and those who are part of the messageboard, are some of the best people I would ever want to be associated with. We're a passionate bunch and we love our music. The Wonder Stuff may not be the biggest group in the world but we love them, god bless us, and as long as there's still interest in the group, I'll hopefully keep this site going.

Rob Stokes, November 2014