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It would be naive and stupid of me to think I could have got away with doing this site for so long without some degree of help.  Right back in the very early days (even pre-website!), I received some great help from Paul Taylor, Mark Reed, Bryan Taylor and Jenny Prosser.

Going forward, I'm indebted to Miles Hunt, Erica Nockalls, Tom Haxell, Russ Hunt, David Smith and Karen Shook for the invaluable help and information they've given at various stages throughout this website's history.

There are loads of journalists, musicians and other writers who I owe credit to also for their reviews, interviews, information or just general comments on the group - too many to mention but I am hopeful that they have no issues with any of their content that I may have reproduced on the website. The truth is that a long time ago I started trying to contact people to seek their permission to include their works on the website. Of the handful that replied, they were fine as the site wasn't doing anybody any harm and it certainly isn't going to set the Internet alight. The rest never even acknowledged my contact, which I confess I pretty much took to be an OK as if they'd had objections then I'm sure they would soon have been in touch!

I also need to thank additional people who've provided great help and resources to the cause - Antony Dewhurst (Oddthing), Steven Nash, Mr. G, Ange Dolittle, Martin Bell, Glenn Raybone, James Butroid, Andrew Forcer, Steven Edwards (for the original Gigography), RubyRed, Gasmask, Simon Roberts and... oh, the list goes on!  If I've not already mentioned you, your contribution is still very much appreciated and these thanks apply to you also.

If anyone does have concerns or objections about content included on the site, please contact me so that we can discuss the matter and take action where necessary. I'm not here to cause trouble, I just started out as a fan of a group and then took the obsession that little bit too far.... ;-)


God bless the f*ckin' lot of yer!