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With the group preparing for their guest slot on the Levellers' UK tour during March 2011, it was the serene surroundings of Buxton's Opera House that officially welcomed new drummer Fuzz Townshend.  Rehearsals for the show had taken place in the familiar surroundings of Stourbridge and were primarily aimed at tracks from the pre-1994 albums such as Wish Away, On The Ropes, Cartoon Boyfriend and Mother And I.

No tracks from the most recent albums were included in the rehearsal setlist although Welcome To The Cheap Seats was performed as a acoustic number by Miles and Erica and, as had been done the previous year, Miles and Erica's own track 'Fill Her Up And Foot Down' was bought into the setlist.

Shortly before Fuzz's live debut, it was finally announced that the group would be performing two shows as part of their 20th Never Loved Elvis anniversary celebrations.  The two shows, in Birmingham and London, would not take place in October as had originally been rumoured but in mid-December instead.  There were no further plans for additional dates later in 2012 at this time, although from previous experience of the Eight Legged Groove Machine and Hup anniversary shows, at least a week of dates at some stage during the early part of 2012 could not be ruled out.


Shortly after the Leveller's shows, the group were announced in the line-ups for 2011's BugJam and Camp Bestival festivals.  As a result, two shows by the group in Holmfirth and Durham were also added to the touring schedules as "warm-up" shows prior to the festival appearances.


The group were offered to join Jesus Jones on a short 3-date tour of Australia in mid-August which they accepted - the first time they had played in the country since 1991 as planned dates to have taken place in 1994 were shelved due to the band splitting up.  A hastily arranged show at The River Rooms in Stourbridge was organised prior to their departure to Australia.


In November, it was announced that Malc Treece was no longer part of the group.  Although nothing has ever been confirmed it was thought that there had been frictions within the group for a number of months which came to a head following live shows in Glasgow and Portsmouth at the end of October.  The fact that within a few months the remaining members of the group would record 'new' material may indicate that Treece was either unwilling to work on new tracks, or was not willing to provide suitable input to new recordings.

Whatever the reasons for his departure, with the announcement only coming around six weeks before the group were due to perform the Never Loved Elvis anniversary shows in Birmingham and London, serious considerations had to be made on how the group were going to on how the group would continue with the scheduled live shows.  Both both nights close to selling out, cancelling the shows was never going to be a viable financial option and, in the end, a few favours were called in and Jesus Jones' Jerry de Borg was temporarily recruited to take Malc's place onstage.


Like the Eight Legged Groove Machine and Hup anniversary shows before them, the Never Loved Elvis shows saw the group performing a run-through of the full album followed by a selection of tracks from their remaining back catalogue.  With minimal rehearsal time for the revised line-up, many of the backing vocals which would previously have been performed by Malc were taken on by Erica and Fuzz leaving Jerry to concentrate on his guitar parts which, in the main, he handled well.