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I've got insurance
A crazy lifestyle
That's ever changing
To suit the mood swing
I see the future, right here before me
But please don't ask now
It's not healthy
No complications
Just talking dirty
Another playground another playmate
I see the future
Let's see those arms, son
But please don't ask now
It's not healthy

The fortunate few
Security tagged
A dumb understanding of liberal shag
Symbolic division, corrosion in neon
Surveillance is futile
It's crushing , the weight of confusion
We're touching ,the face of exclusion

Not this time
You've crossed that line

The pressure will bend
Too bloated to send
An image of unison product to mend
The suck and the cut and the white-fisted fuck
Upside down on your knees
If you please
It's crushing, the weight of confusion
We're wearing the face of exclusion.

I'll watch at arms length
I will observe at arms length

The road below you
Is there to hold you
In the direction they want you going

I see the future right here before me
I see the future but it ain't healthy

My public image is an act
My private life is still intact

Christmas In June

Photograph of a clinical madman
The institution sends it's regards
Attention grabbing, historical smile
It's June and I'm sending my Christmas cards
Give me back
My lovely complexion
I want to get married again
Push my face right up to the window
Outside somebody's waving

I can't go out no more
I'm not allowed they said
It's for my health you see
Suggestions from the bed
Some strange biology
Weird readings from the graph.
I've hit the headlines, dear
And made a nation laugh

This is dedicated
To those who disapprove
But still continue to listen

I go out to the village on Sunday
The supervisor he holds my hand
Recreating whats never existed
All of my friends are made of sand

My thoughts are dangerous
Whole nations talk with me
I am the leader of social retardity
This filtered air I breath
Will make it understood
That all I want from you
TV and frozen food

Cry-Baby Killers

Hose me down
That feeling is back
My self control is about to crack
I'm down here on the murder mile
With a Jesus freak
And a typhoid smile

So come and break my neck
Or come and kiss me
But don't make a sound
Coz here they come
Cry-baby killers

Something's stuck inside
God knows I've got so much I have to hide
But that is all that they want you for

The corn-fed girls
And Baptist boys
In chalk-lined rooms
With alibis
But I got reason to believe it
They will all soon be deceived

Something's stuck inside
God knows you've got so much you have to hide
But that is all that they want you for

Here they come
Cry-baby killers

Drugtype Unknown

You're not a child no more but you're still a bastard you may think I'm cute but would you live next door to mum and dad I smoke to forget drink to like your whole is piece in my mind you left him hacking the stone

Torture night
Bedroom eyes
Corporation in flight
There's no sure way
You think
This one is hacking stone

I took a pill I hoisted shirt don't throw a stone I'm feeling crazy in my home style guru tells us what to be to wear to hear this square weird hacking stone need a reason do you need some

The friendly neighbourhood backlash
Bitching at nursery level

Smoke bomb explodes in a corridor
Monopoly game still going on
Show him out the back way girl
You know he's not that dumb

Say what you like it isn't yours
Birth of Polaroid nation

Columbian women are wrecking the house
Sloosh gasoline all over the floor
Banks and jails and hotels
Go in a whoosh of flame
The ozone smell of a hospital hall
Pigskin tone drug type unknown
Show her out the back way boy you know she's not that dumb

The tongue in cheek protectors of the old school take it as a visionary slipping down a peg son bad dream squeaky clean you raise a smile but do you think we'd understand the blood that stains your hands

Fight, Flee or Flow

The cosy scent of a married bed
A thousand whispers through the neighbours walls
The kids they copy what the parents said
But whose to tell them
That they've got no balls

A solid smile and a dead mans hat
Don't send me back to the bar again
I fell in love with my girlfriends cat
Misinformation got me insane

That's all I'm hearing nowadays

If you can't fight
And you can't flee
Then just flow

The beggar looks at us with one good eye
We wonder how he keeps the other clean
Stares at his shoes
But his shoes aren't shy
Drinks from a cup of Windolene

She sold her soul for a powder puff
Fell on a razor
Razor felt so good
Spent all her money diamante cuff
Tied up for killing time
Hung up love

So you made your move now brother
You're the one who's gonna lose

Fight flee or flow


Heading for the underground
Making a move to get away from you way from you
Shit sank as you shoot another blank
I gotta take time floating in a think tank
Hey jack your verbal attack
Only goes to prove to me your brain is like a cul-de-sac
I don't care
I don't want to hear
I really don't want to hear about it, no

Someone shouted "please, please no"
So you stood on a chair for a better view
But you won't learn nothing
If you keep on shoving
So I don't want to hear

Because you light me up then you piss me out
I don't want to hear you're standing too near you know you are

Head in a vice
With a belly full of raw rice
Now there's a torture that'll teach you to be real nice
Top scene guillotine
There couldn't be a better way to get your dirty neck clean
Hey Jill, you're verbally ill
Your moaning and your groaning
Bring the city to a standstill
A piece of your mind
A piece of my mind

Turn yourself loose and you'll see
The infinite cracks in your character
But if you don't learn nothing
You'll just keep on shoving
So I don't want to hear

All of these words making lines on my face


And did you notice the look upon his face
As they came busting right on through
The deadlock door
I couldn't help but laugh as he tried for an escape
Forgetting that we were on the twenty second floor
It's not much fun being dumb

Judy has a need for sweet revenge
Made a call to say 'the car will blow'
Went on a nod
Didn't quite expect the law to know
But she had left the phone off the hook
It's not much fun being dumb

Are you happy on your island of one
In a cage reed-like singing songs
There's a million of us looking on
It's not much fun being dumb

The girl at the counter's checking all my moves
She says 'you look better now your clothes are on'
And once again
I've nothing nothing to lose
You know she left me coz she said
She said 'I can'
It's not much fun being dumb

Glamorous in conversation you are
Take a tip
Take the pipe out the car
Don't you think you've taken this too far
You are a breed apart

It sounds like greetings
This is where it ends
Caught in a memory to what I've known

I've got a notion to share with you all
I only wish that it could have come to me before
No matter how close your backs are to the dirty wall
You know that nothing no nothing's worth jumping for
It's much more fun staying dumb

Made Of Water

Your eyes
Made of water always leak
We share a liquid glance
But what's it all about
Then you said, 'it's just another nameless crime'
Strung up for killing time
Hung up on love

'Oh I can't ever die,' he said
'But you've never lived,' she said
'Oh I can't ever die,' he said
Then a voice came to him whispering
'You've never lived,' she said

That man has a problem, drunk again
He's forced to raise his voice
As his friends they drift away
But they'll come and wipe away his till girl smile
Tied up in such fine style
Hung up on love

Then the fire bell rang
Everyone put on the gas
Your daddy's burning hippies
At the Sunday mass
And the lift went down
Everybody took the stairs
Your mother's on the roof
Crying in her drop dead flairs

'Oh I can't ever die,' she said
Then a voice came to her whispering
'You've never lived,' he said

Your eyes
Made of water

Tenement Life (A Healthy Look At)

A mouthful of sand
And a bucket by the door
The smell of people cooking
Through the cracks in the floor
A picture of the family
Hangs uneven on the wall
Says you're like his mother
Crazy, black and kind of tall
Send a letter to the kitchen
Pull a razor from the draw
The neighbours come a knocking
To settle an old score
You've been draining off his water
While he's bathing with his dogs
And his sister needs a mouthful
Making lovers out of logs

You'll get nylon for your glamour
And crosses for your past
You spend a week under the sheets
And hope the money lasts
But the voices shout
'We're selling out'
And raise another day
Of rundown words
And milk that curds
And dirty laundry
Scratch your name upon your forehead
And bring it in by hand
And we'll promise you the things we can
A mouthful of sand.

There's a valve in my head
Tells me that I'm dead
Busy with insanity
Who invited you
Walk on bubblegum
With insect eyes
Caught a phallic dream

Here we go
I've got one for you you got one too
Here we go
You've got one for me I've got one too you set me up

Turn Off Shut Down Give Up

I could sit here all night
Contemplating the ceiling
Count the holes in my head
Smartie flavours exploding
I could sit here all night

Turn off, shut down, give up
I want something for nothing

Stupidity's going to kill me
It sees through my feeble disguise
No rest for the restless
My vanity's useless
I guess that it's time that I...

Get off the phone
Put out the flame
Get out the home
Pull back the pin
Fill up the chamber

I won't sit here all night
Watch the island decay
Fill the holes in my head
Vision's of sweeter day

Lyrics copyright 1995, 1996 We Know Where You Live (Polygram Music / Fiction Songs)