Radio One Evening Session - August 1995
Prior to their appearance at the Reading Festival, Vent recorded four session tracks for broadcast on the Radio One Evening Session show presented by Steve Lemacq and Jo Whiley.

Vent In The Tent (Reading Festival - August 1995)
The group's one and only appearance at the Reading Festival in 1995 was the debut performance by the group.  With no material previously publically released, it was the group's intention to have a low-key live debut to showcase their new own sound, and new material, without any pre-conceived ideas or misconceptions.  One of the more popular tracks performed during many of the early Vent 414 live sets was 'So Like Me' which appears here and has never been previously released.

Radio One Mark Radcliffe Show - 29th July 1996

On the night of Miles' 30th birthday, instead of celebrating the occasion with friends as one normally would, the group headed up to the BBC Studios in Manchester to talk and perform for the Mark Radcliffe Show. The tracks below are a complete recording of the show.

Fixer single

Two videos were produced to promote Vent 414's debut single, Fixer. Visually both versions appear to have been recorded at the same time but with one being full group-focussed than the other. Enjoy...

Life Before You single

A promotional video was recorded for Vent 414's second single, Life Before You, although even the group's members struggled to remember it was ever made!

The video was unseen until around 2011 when BoneIdle fanzine writer, Jenny Prosser, sent me a copy of it on a promotional Polydor VHS video which I then had professionally converted to digital media and forwarded copies to Miles and Jenny (amongst others).