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The audio tracks on this page have previously been released either through the official Miles Hunt Club website, via Miles through his MySpace pages or have been sent to me with Miles' permission to include them on here.

All tracks are in MP3 format and are recorded/obtained direct from source.  I accept no responsibility for problems with sound quality/content etc.  These tracks are only intended for personal use and may not be broadcast or duplicated without permission of the originating source.

Please be aware that some of these tracks are very large so you are recommended to have a high-speed internet connection for listening to these tracks.

Website exclusives - August 2003
In August 2003, Miles was booked to appear at the Beautiful Day Festival in Devon.  After a string of problems with the running order and timing of the on-stage acts, Miles was only given a 30 minute window in which to perform in.  By way of apology to the fans who had made the journey to the festival site, Miles made three demo tracks available on the Miles Hunt Club website for people to download.

"These three songs were recorded in London during January & February of 2001, with Pat Collier at the helm. I had invited Michael Ferentino over to the UK to write & record with me. At the time I was playing with Tony Arthy & Dom Murphy, we had all actually played with Michael in New Jersey & New York in October of the previous year. We had already reworked the acoustic versions of "Everything Is Not Okay", "Amongst The Old Reliables" & "Not In My Plans" for the shows in the States, but while we were rehearsing them for the studio we also came up with these three toons.

Two of them, "Playing The Twist" & "Not Waiting", will be entirely new to you, as I've neither played them live or released them in any form before this. The third song, or songs, is/are "Flapping On The Pier (Pts. 1 & 2)". The latter part of the song will doubtless be familiar to any of you that got yerselves a copy of The Miles Hunt Club CD, as it is, in essence, the blue print for "Flapping On The Pier (Pt. 2)" which appears as the final song on that album. So now, for those of you that were curious, you get to hear what "(Pt.1)" sounded like. I can't say why I never got around to finishing "(Pt.1)", partly because I hate going back on songs & partly because I really can't think of what else to do with it. The reworking of ("Pt.2)" that appears on THMC was in no small part due to a shitload of work that Michael Ferentino had done. Thanks Brother.

The full line up on these recordings was; Myself (vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, percussion), Michael Ferentino (electric guitars & vocals), Dom Murphy (bass guitar), Tony Arthy (drums), Martin Bell (keyboards & strings), Pete Whitaker (piano) & Nick Muir (accordion). And towards the end of "Playing The Twist" a rabble rousing chorus is sung by Russ & Deb Hunt, Tony & Jane Arthy, myself & Dom Murphy. Maybe some other drunken pals appear too, but it was so long ago....

The purpose of these recordings was to see how my new stuff was coming along & how the older songs, previously only heard as acoustic performances, would transpose to the band. Eagle Records footed the bill for the session & as a result signed me for The Miles Hunt Club album. Sadly the budget never ran to taking Tony & Dom to the States with me to record the album, so we pulled in Andres Karu, a resident of New Jersey & producer of the album, to take over the drumming duties, while the bass guitar parts for the album were covered by Michael, Andres and, on occasion, even myself.

"There's certainly an energy that existed in the sessions that produced these recordings that we never got around to repeating again. And I think all that remains to be said is a Great Big Thank You to everyone involved. I hope you enjoy them too."

Not Waiting
Playing The Twist
Flapping On The Pier (parts 1 and 2)

Give It Whole - 2003

'Give It Whole' was a staple of the Vent 414 set; however, we never got a version recorded that we, all three, were happy enough with to release. Consequently the only version ever made available, commercially, was a stripped down performance I recorded at Abbey Road, while recording the rest of the Vent 414 album with Steve Albini in 1996. It was included on the CD single of 'Fixer'.

What we have here is the exact same version, with additions by Andres Karu, producer/drummer of The Miles Hunt Club. Andres has painstakingly added drums, bass & a little extra guitar to what I had originally recorded. Why? Why not. It's still not the definitive version, which I dare say will never come to fruition, but it's the closest yet. Thanks Dre'

Give It Whole